Raleigh NC Daito Ryu Seminar March 9, 2024



1:pm – 3:pm

Raleigh, NC: Join us for training in this rare martial art! Whatever style you study, the principles of Daito Ryu will enhance your technique and understanding. The focus is on developing superior structure and balance while destroying that of your opponent. Experience with rolling and breakfalls is recommended but not required. Details are delivered upon registration.

Daito Ryu is a 1,200-year-old samurai martial art. Once a secret art passed from generation to generation through the Takeda clan, Sokaku Takeda, the last samurai and 32nd in the Takeda family, began teaching publicly.

Manny Jimenez Sensei, 6th degree black belt, is a Senior student of Roy Goldberg Sensei and a student of Kiyama Hayawo Shihan.